Fans select the Scarlet Witch!

In a hotly contested selection process, fans flocked to the Charlotte Comicon website to pick their favorite character for the first Spotlight Character of 2015! After checking ballots for any hex tampering and hanging chad the official announcement came on Wednesday December 17th 2014.

Congratulations Wanda!



For the love of Godzilla…Stop.

Tonight I suffered thorough another horrible Hollywood rendition of Godzilla. I’m not going to bother discussing the 1998 version beyond that I had high hopes that the 2014 edition would have undone some of its predecessors transgressions. My hopes were in vain. Lets start with the casting. Bryan Cranston was a big draw for me and I will admit that his name and the H.A.L.O. jump scene from the trailer were enough to secure my interest. MULTIPLE SPOILER ALERTS: He and Juliette Binoche (Long Time No See) die less than thirty minutes in. At that point I seriously thought it was faked…so that his son would go to be with his family and Bryan and Ken Watanabe could get down to some serious problem solving. Wrong. So now the movie is about the son…flatly acted by a whiny voiced Aaron Taylor-Johnson. BORING! It seemed like the writers somehow wanted us to identify with this dead eyed Jesse Pinkman on steroids and his noble wrestling between duty and personal interests. Right in the middle of tasty monster on monster action the camera would break to follow this douche bag, with his power to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The whole draw of these films is “scale”. Arrogant humanity realizing its own insignificance! Acknowledging with soiled pants powers beyond our reckoning. This film ruined that, with the action you sought (FIGHTING MONSTERS) playing second fiddle to a cast of boring clones of better actors and stolen scenes from better movies. I felt nothing for any of the human characters and none of the monsters were particularly exciting. Pacific Rim and Cloverfield were better Godzilla movies than this one. I say let the big lizard lie and give me Jaegers and Aliens (Extra Terrestrial and Dimensional).

Only one thing could have saved it, which I have illustrated below:


“I just don’t think gif images are the answer to audience engagement”

“I just don’t think gif images are the answer to audience engagement or have a place in modern web design”


These were the rather condescending words that came from a corporate “professional” designer at a company I worked for after seeing me use a subtle gif on a page I was working on last year. As a longtime fan and creator of gif images this story made me chuckle and count my blessings for being independent.



Size and extinction


You will be remembered!

In the ancient jungles of technology the large CRT television reigned supreme. One such mammoth was corralled in a cabinet in our family room. Treated with the respect such a beast naturally demanded it was the center piece of our family entertainment for years.

Now, despite my best efforts, this noble invention must go. The old king has been displaced by changing technology. Its mammoth proportions, once its greatest strength, has become its primary offense. Since it’s fall from grace it has been shuffled about like some sad, unwanted beast of burden. Now, hidden in a corner is slouches and broods. All uses I have devised for it are underutilized and feel contrived. It still works as well as it did on the day it was purchased, yet the world around it has moved on.

The thought of wrestling with its bulk again only to place it on a ignominious perch by the curb, only then to know it would be thrown improperly into the ground, saddens me. I will therefore dissect the beast and hope to preserve some memory of the good times we shared. I’ll make something out of the components.

Easier than it sounds…it seems the species is dangerous…